Saturday, May 31, 2014

From “Scared to Dance at Prom” to “Social Butterfly” - My Cinderella Story

From “Scared to Dance at Prom” to “Social Butterfly”
- My Cinderella Story
Why I'm thankful that I was pulled out of my comfort zone!

Why should you go out of your way to bring your friends as Guests to the    
  local Fred Astaire Dance Studio?  Well, I can tell you without the     
  persistent and insistent invites of my friends I never would have found the 
  one thing I'm the most passionate about, Ballroom Dancing!

  I grew up in a family that did not dance or participate in many social
  events.  My senior Prom was the first dance I attended.  I didn't know how
  to dress flatteringly, I felt awkward dancing with anyone, and refused to dance by myself.  I wasn't an athlete, or a dancer as a child, and felt as though I would only embarrass myself more if I attempted to dance. 

During my first semester of college I had many friends who were a part of the Dance Club at my school.  They invited me at least once a week to join them for their weekly meeting and I went out of my way to refuse.  All I really knew about dancing was that you danced close to a man, and that I surely wouldn't be good at it.  I had never really danced in my life, and my interest was to become a better musician.

As I started my second semester of college, I realized I didn't have many friends.  As my friends  continued to invite me to the Dance Club over the next month, I asked them question after question about it.  What time?  Where?  How many people? Who's the teacher?  Do you pick who you dance with?  Will I look stupid since I don't know anything?  My friends reassured me that I would be fine, that I could walk in with them, and they would dance with me.  I finally made the best decision of my life and gave it a shot.

That one decision, after being invited 15 times over 5 months has changed the course of my life! 

As soon as I tried dancing I realized the connection, the communication, and the physical interaction with music was something I could enjoy, relate to, and pursue!  Within two years of starting on my dancing journey, I began wearing more flattering clothes, realized I could be the life of the party, and held myself in a more confident and upright manner!  Ultimately, after 13 years I have become the healthier, more social, more confident, and more fashionable person I always envisioned for myself.  Through dancing I have had the opportunity to be a star, to meet many amazing and interesting people, to compete with some of the best in Fred Astaire Illinois, and share my passion with so many others!

Thank you to my friends who didn't give up on me, but instead pushed me to do something good for myself.  They pushed me out of my
comfort zone, so I could experience the art, sport, and passion of Ballroom Dancing!

Don't leave your friends out, invite them to try dancing, and be responsible for introducing them to the many benefits of Ballroom Dance!                 
 - Amy Ross (Fred Astaire Burr Ridge Pro Dancer)