Friday, March 14, 2014

Another Circus, Another Show...

Freddy Ball 2014 was certainly something to behold. The luxury of the Hyatt hotel, the always great music from Rick Pop, and the breathtaking dancing on all levels region wide.

For those of you who were a part, thank you. Such an incredible event would certainly lose it's "incredible" with all of those who participated.

Now, there are some of your who were not present, ether spectating or dancing. After witnessing the event ether via Facebook, or all of the buzz going on in your studio, today is the day to ask yourself "Why wasn't I there?"...

Being at one of these dance events is unlike anything else you can think of. The urge to dance is infectious, and you will have to be dragged from the floor "this is not your heat"....

Maybe you've talked yourself out of it??

"I can't do something like that.... I'm not ready"
Setting a goal like Chicago Open will make you a better dancer FASTER!
No one ever feels ready their first time and that's ok. Trust your teachers and they will be there for you. Remember, it's their reputation on the line as well. They WILL NOT allow you to go out unprepared, or looking foolish.

"I'm more of a social dancer"
Great! These events are made just for you! Lead and follow will develop, and there is no better social atmosphere than a room full of dancers!

Keep in mind, you can have all the reasons in the world, but you alone know the real one.

Don't put yourself in a box, and don't hold yourself back!
Become the dancer you were meant to be, we are all looking forward to sharing the floor with YOU!

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