Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where can I use ballroom dancing?

Every ballroom dance instructor will tell you that the most common question from new students is, "Where can I use ballroom dancing?" And every ballroom dance instructor will tell you that this question drives us nuts...Where CAN'T you use the skills you learn ballroom dancing?! The benefits and uses of ballroom dance are endless. Ballroom dance helps teach skills in communication, team work, strengthens friendships and romantic relationships, promotes wellness and fitness, relieves stress and tension, offers new and exciting challenges, builds confidence, the list goes on and on. So even if you never dance a day in your life outside of your Fred Astaire studio home, you still will have used your ballroom dancing. But of course, we know our students love to dance and can not wait to get out into the social dance world to share their new moves. Good news for them is that Chicagoland has numerous venues where people of all ages and experience levels can enjoy ballroom and other partner dancing. Here is a short list of some of the great venues and resource sites to try throughout Illinois:

-Chevy Chase Country Club

-Willowbrook Ballroom

-Alhambra Palace Wednesdays hosted by Big City Swing

-Esteban's Dining and Dancing

-Windy Hop

-Latin Street Dancing

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