Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fred Astaire Gives Back, The Wounded Warrior Project

Fred Astaire is an incredible company to be a part of. The array of activities we offer range from social dancing all the way to regional/national competition. As we look back, we realize that these opportunities to dance wouldn’t be possible without the great country we live in. Every day there are soldiers and other military personal that fight to protect our country, and the freedoms it allows us.  Realizing this we have found a way to give back to our veterans. Fred Astaire Illinois has partnered with The Wounded Warrior Project to bring dance into the lives of soldiers who thought they may never dance again. Our team of instructors have been working with Edward Hines V.A Hospital, teaching group classes at their Blind Center, and Spinal Cord Injury/ Disorders Services.

Our staff from left to right: Amy, Samantha, Meghan, Ty, Alan, and Chris

The feedback from the veterans has been overwhelmingly positive! Dancing has seemed out of reach for these veterans after the traumas they have encountered. One woman said “it’s so nice to put this cane down and just dance”.  We have already been asked back for next year and will continue to give back, to those that have already given so much to us. 

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