Sunday, June 15, 2014

A-Day Wrap Up!

Of all of the exciting events that our Fred Astaire Illinois region holds, there is one that provides a truly unique experience and that would be our annual A-Day!  Every year we host a Broadway style show that allows all of our talented students to shine in a different light; stage lights that is! Our Broadway inspired show “Ballroom Blitz” allows students from the entire region to get together and demonstrate a different style of dancing. While most routines are still structured around a traditional foxtrot, rumba, or other type of popular ballroom dance, the show allows student to add lifts, tricks, and even a dip or two. But before the stage lights are lit and the costumes are assembled, we all gather at one of our studios to compile our plans and begin bringing them to life. This year our Burr Ridge location was the lucky host! There was a lot of buzz as the students started to file in being greeted by teachers donning their red, black, and white attire for our “SMASH” themed professional show.  The day started off with mimosas in hand and a gorgeous banquet table full of doughnuts, sushi, fresh fruit, and a plethora of other delicious foods. We were honored to have the talented Steven Knight and Eddie Apolonov there to coordinate with all of the teachers and the students to help find the perfect songs and create a solid vision for each individual’s routine. It was a blast when each student would emerge from their personal meeting with the choreographers and announce what they would be performing! You couldn’t miss it because each time the students would come out they were greeted by a cheer and rushed to the mirror to have a mini photo shoot with everyone. If being in a show or simply having the opportunity to do a custom dance performance is something that’s always interested you, our Broadway Ballroom production is the perfect event for you to live out your dream. Thank you to all of the students and the professionals for coming out for a fun day of line dances, new goals, and a non-stop party. I can’t wait to see what everyone will be performing this year!! 

-Taylor Rompel ( Fred Astaire West Loop Pro Dancer)

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