Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why Ballroom Dance??

There are SO many reasons to Ballroom Dance and I wanted to spend this week talking about the AWESOME health, physical, and mental benefits. 

Ballroom Dancing is a GREAT way to exercise  without stepping a foot into the gym! Between all the turns, steps, and the movements on the dance floor you burn hundreds of calories! Not only will you be exercising and burning calories but you will also be working on your endurance, flexibility, mental health and strength. 

Flexibility is SO important while Ballroom Dancing as you want to be able to move and perform intricate dance steps without injuring yourself.

Ballroom Dancing will work on your endurance, letting your body dance longer  and work harder. With every twist and turn that you do, you are conditioning your body to do those steps with greater ease next time.  

Having strength is key to Ballroom Dancing and you develop more of it as you keep on dancing. By performing dance moves, spins, and strutting you are making your muscles stronger and gaining body strength.

Ballroom dancing is done in a group of people which has positive affects on your mental health. Ballroom Dancing classes are THE place to build up your confidence and allows you to establish social ties which gives you a more positive and healthy outlook on life.


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